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How to Speak to a Loved One About Their Alcoholism

Jan 24 2018

If you have a loved one suffering from a drinking problem, you may want to consider an alcohol intervention. At the rehabilitation center of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Orlando, we know the courage it takes to speak to your loved one about their drinking and we have ample resources to help both you and your loved one towards the path of recovery. If you would like more information on how Recovery Solutions of Central Florida could help you or you would like to get your loved one a supervised place to heal, contact us or visit our website and see what services we offer.


What Qualifies as a Drinking Problem?


The first thing you must determine when you prepare to speak to a loved one about their drinking problem is whether or not that person is truly an alcoholic. Alcoholism is not defined by concrete numbers. Rather, the way that you can measure a person’s dependence on alcohol is whether or not it affects their life. If you see that your loved one suffers real problems as a result of their drinking, that is the point that you must admit that they have a drinking problem. Some negative habits that indicate alcoholism include:


  •       Trouble with relationships 
  •       Difficulty with work or with school 
  •       Spending the majority of time drinking 
  •       Cannot stop drinking 
  •       Missing activities to drink 

If you begin to see these behaviors in your loved one, there is a chance that they suffer from an alcohol addiction. At this point, when you recognize these habits, you must reach out to your loved one. The more you wait to speak to them, the worse their condition will become and the more you are putting them at risk for a variety of consequences.


How to Begin an Alcohol Intervention


The first thing to do with any alcohol intervention is to express to your loved one that you care about them and that their health and wellbeing is important to you. The next step is to begin to explain how you feel about their drinking. Make sure to use “I” statements in order to keep the blame off them and make them feel that they are not being attacked. Additionally, you want to be certain that you are only utilizing facts such as how their specific behaviors make you feel.

Once you have made all this clear to them, offer to go with them to the doctor, addiction therapist, or rehabilitation center. This will help reinforce the fact that you are there for them and give them a support system when they begin the journey toward recovery.


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Getting your loved one to heal means talking to them about their problem and getting them to see how its affecting their lives. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, a rehabilitation center near Orlando, to learn more about how to help your loved one recover and see how we could serve you in this difficult time.

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