5 Tips on Helping a Family Member Experiencing Alcohol Withdrawal

Feb 12 2018

When your loved one is experiencing alcohol withdrawal, you may feel helpless or overwhelmed. However, there are a series of steps recommended by Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora that can help you assist your loved one through their withdrawal. Contact the alcohol rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida to learn more.


1) Do Not Drink Around Your Loved One


Your loved one is going through a difficult recovery process and they are going to need your support through many of the steps that they have to take. This includes cutting themselves off from alcohol entirely. While they will eventually have to learn to tolerate the presence of alcohol as a trigger, when they are in alcohol withdrawal they will need additional strength in order to ensure they do not succumb to temptation. That is why it is critical that you abstain from drinking around your loved one. Make sure that they feel supported and unabandoned.


2) Do Not Become Entirely Responsible for Them


While it is important for you to be there for your loved one as much as possible, it is also important for you to take care of yourself. If you take on all the responsibilities of your loved one, you may find that you feel stressed out and overworked. You also do not want to feel as if you are the sole person who can take care of all of those things.


3) Make Sure Financial Support is Going to Treatment


You are more than welcome to help your loved one financially through their difficult time. However, you have to ensure that the money you are giving them is going to things that will actually assist their recovery. If they are investing in a treatment center, you want to make sure that the funds you are providing them is actually going toward that alcohol rehab centers and not towards purchasing more alcohol.


4) Do Not Try to Tell Them What to Do


As much as you want to support your loved one and encourage them toward recovery, you do not want to tell them directly what they need to do. Frame the steps you believe they should take as suggestions based on what you feel. If you emphasize how their behavior is impacting you rather than how you see them, they will be more responsive to what you tell them.


5) Get Them Help Through Alcohol Withdrawal


Alcohol withdrawal is not easy for anyone and you may find that your assistance and attention may not be enough to keep your loved one from falling victim to relapse. Even if they stick to their detoxing program, they may have serious side effects that can impact their overall health. That is why it is so critical for you to get them to alcohol rehab centers where they will have the resources to keep them safe through the alcohol withdrawal.


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