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What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Nov 22 2017

If you have taken part in alcohol abuse in the past and you decide to stop drinking, you may suffer from alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can be characterized by the symptoms that occur in the patient who suffers from it and it has very few real treatments other than support. During alcohol withdrawal, many individuals attempt to experience it alone, which is extremely dangerous. Some people have even died. This is why it is essential to contact a professional therapist to help you during this extremely difficult process. To find out more about alcohol withdrawal and recovery from alcohol addiction, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, a rehabilitation center in Mount Dora, for more information.


What To Expect During Alcohol Withdrawal


Alcohol withdrawal is what occurs when a person who has had depended heavily on alcohol for a long period of time suddenly stops drinking alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal typically happens when a person who is dealing with alcoholism stops drinking in order to begin their recovery treatment. It can be an incredibly dangerous and life-threatening process to deal with because although some lighter symptoms are nausea, vomiting, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and sweating, it can also result in death. In certain, very severe cases, patients may even experience hallucinations and seizures within the first 24 to 48 hours. In the days following, the patients may experience vivid hallucinations and delusions which can lead them to cause harm not only to themselves but others.

While there are ways to treat it or handle the symptoms, alcohol withdrawal is typically a necessary process to detoxifying the body from alcohol and the best way to deal with it is to have professional, medical help during alcohol withdrawal in order to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Alcohol withdrawal is typically easily diagnosed by a doctor. However, your doctor may want to perform additional exams to ensure that it is not an underlying condition that is causing your symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal can also be fatal in other ways because if people who are recovering from alcohol withdrawal are suddenly exposed to alcohol again, this can result in overdose from ingesting too much alcohol. Because the patient builds up a tolerance to the alcohol, they believe they will maintain this tolerance even after they begin the withdrawal process. However, the tolerance that they built up prior does not remain and when the patient tries to ingest the same amount of alcohol as they did before, they can find that it has a much greater impact on them than before and this results in death.

Treatment options


Because of the risks of alcohol withdrawal, inpatient care is typically recommended. In a controlled environment like a rehabilitation center, you find the support and isolation from alcohol that you need to make a full recovery. Especially when you are dealing with very difficult symptoms like hallucinations, an inpatient facility can be the best place to deal with alcohol withdrawal. Our experienced staff can monitor your progress and be there with you when you feel like you can’t go on much longer.

Some believe that a supportive environment like a family home may be enough to get over their alcohol withdrawal, but this is often not the case as most families do not have the vast experience or medical support to help one cope during the withdrawal process. It is highly recommended to seek the help of a rehabilitation center as they have the resources to handle any kind of medical and mental health emergencies as a result of alcohol withdrawal.

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Don’t suffer through alcohol withdrawal alone and risk permanent damage or death. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora (near Apopka and Orlando) for more information about rehabilitation options and assistance with your symptoms.

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