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Can Excessive Young Adult Drinking Lead To Negative Long-Term Effects On The Brain?

Nov 21 2017

When young adults go off to college, one of the biggest fears of any parent is how much alcohol they’ll be exposed to. Young student athletes especially are under an immense amount of pressure and this increase the desire to fall into societal pressure and drink. There have been various studies done that prove that binge drinking can be detrimental to a young adult’s mental health and it is no surprise that parents are always looking for ways to help their child in order to protect them from any permanent damage to their health and wellbeing. For information about what you can do to help your student athlete, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Apopka. As one of the top alcohol rehab centers, they have the resources you need to help your young adult.

Young adults who drink are at risk of long term brain damage


In a study, researchers found that mice that were exposed to alcohol in the same way that a young adult might be when binge drinking had more immature brain cells than a regular mouse. That means that alcohol may influence the way that brain cells develop and the way that the brain functioning. The damage that was found was found in learning and memory and was thought to be permanent.

This kind of damage of is a reflection of what can happen in a young adult’s brain when they engage in excessive drinking. Because there is such a significant and serious impact, student athletes should be made aware of the consequences of their actions and every measure should be taken to help a young adult who is engaging in this kind of risk-taking behavior.

In other studies, it was found that young adults who drink excessively lose more white matter than regular young adults over time and this white matter is essential for communicating messages in the brain over distances. Alcohol can also affect the gray matter in the brain in the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for concentration and making decisions. When this is impaired, a young adult’s sense of judgment can be off and they can make decisions they would not have made otherwise.

How can we help?


A student athlete who is already engaging in binge drinking is putting their future at risk. By already taking part in these risky behaviors, they may be setting themselves up for poor decision making in the future as well as alcoholism.

For this reason, they need to be treated by a professional in order to stop the behaviors when they are young. Consulting alcohol rehab centers can make a difference in a student athlete’s life when they are heading down that path. They can get the recovery help they need to teach them how to avoid alcohol and binge drinking and stop brain damage.

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It can be difficult to confront a student athlete who is engaging in high-risk behavior like binge drinking. However, young adults who drink are at risk of serious brain damage in an array of ways that can impact the way they function forever. Alcohol rehab centers can help isolate your young adult from their problem and help them reach recovery. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora near Apopka and Orlando for information on how an alcohol rehab center can help your student athlete.


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