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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Mount Dora

Effective Methods In Treating Alcohol Dependency

There are many ways to recover from alcohol addiction. The variety of options we make available at our center make it possible to find something to assist you in your return to a sober life. If you would like more information about your options, or if you would like to take the first step toward… Continue Reading
Nov 1 2017


Question: If all you have is TODAY, what would you do? If today determined tomorrow, and then tomorrow…would you do what causes pain, sorrow, bondage? It was a year ago when an acquaintance spoke out of anger towards me and said “it’s no wonder no one knows how much clean time you have.” In my defense, I… Continue Reading
Sep 1 2016


What came first, anxiety or addiction? Irony dictates that anxiety leads to addiction and addiction leads to anxiety. Self-medicating anxiety with drugs and alcohol increase tolerance that eventually require more drugs and alcohol. Anxiety is only relieved for a short period of time, until the underlying reasons for the anxiety and consequently the circumstance for… Continue Reading
Aug 11 2016

The Price of Pleasure

Years ago, doctors and scholars suggested moral failure or lack of willpower to the sick and suffering addict. Today, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease that changes both the brain’s function and structure. The metamorphosis begins with the manipulation of our pleasure center. Scientifically speaking, the release of neurotransmitter dopamine lying under the… Continue Reading
Jul 25 2016


Over 30 million Americans are inflicted by the disease of addiction. Broken homes, child abuse, neglect, and abandonment have become an unfortunate norm. Mental illness and substance abuse affect our children pre-natally. An unborn child suffers in the presence of a chemical imbalance or negative emotional state. Secrets, shame, guilt, fear, resentment, and despair are… Continue Reading
Jul 12 2016