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Does Sexual Abuse Promote Substance Abuse?

Does Sexual Abuse Promote Substance Abuse? The argument over nature vs nurture is a question for the ages. Genetic predisposition and post-traumatic stress disorder pave the way for similar addictive tendencies resulting in a deadly disease. Treatment programs and 12 step communities are flooded with trauma survivors. There is a pronounced correlation between sexual abuse… Continue Reading
Jun 27 2016


Familiarity with Life and Death in Addiction and Recovery Crawling into the rooms of recovery almost a decade ago, I thought I’ve seen enough death to last a lifetime. Little did I know, living a program of recovery would bring much more pain. Losing friends due to relapse, or the fellow addict never knowing the… Continue Reading
Jun 17 2016
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Keeping an Open Mind and Accepting Help in Recovery

Admitting that you are struggling with addiction and seeking help is a big step. It can be scary facing the unknown and not knowing what to expect. You may try to maintain a sense of control as you start your journey. However, keeping an open mind and being open to change is important. Remember that… Continue Reading
Apr 8 2016