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Why Dispose of Unused Prescription Medication

If your loved one is suffering from a prescription medication addiction, the best thing you can do for them is to make sure that you dispose of the unused medication in your household so that they do not have access to it. Another important thing that you can do is to contact the drug rehab… Continue Reading
Feb 13 2018
signs of opiate use near orlando

Signs of Opiate Abuse & Addiction

The signs of opiate use may not always be clear to you when you see your loved one exhibiting them. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Orlando recommends that you learn the signs of opiate abuse early so that you may step in and help your loved one before their addiction becomes worse. If you… Continue Reading
Feb 7 2018
types of therapy near apopka

How Trauma Therapy Differs from Other Treatments

The types of therapy offered to those who are suffering from trauma and struggling with addiction can be different than those offered for other types of issues. The drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka understand that trauma can be a complex thing to treat and it is important that patients… Continue Reading
Feb 5 2018