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alcohol withdrawal in Mount Dora

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

If you have taken part in alcohol abuse in the past and you decide to stop drinking, you may suffer from alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can be characterized by the symptoms that occur in the patient who suffers from it and it has very few real treatments other than support. During alcohol withdrawal, many individuals… Continue Reading
Nov 22 2017
dual diagnosis in Mount Dora

Co-Occurring Disorders: What You Need To Know

Co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis, can affect anyone at any time. It is because mental health disorders and substance abuse can often go hand in hand. Dual diagnosis is very common and it is important to understand why these things happen together and how to handle them when they do. If you are looking for… Continue Reading
Nov 20 2017
senior parent recovery

Re-establish the Bond with a Senior Parent in Addiction Recovery

The holidays are the perfect time to rekindle old flames, set aside differences and welcome estranged members back into our circle. However, once addiction takes hold of a person’s life, this can change relational dynamics for the worst. Though we often stereotype those with addictions as reckless, irresponsible or having a lack of willpower, addiction… Continue Reading
Nov 20 2017
Addiction Treatment Centers in Mount Dora

5 Benefits of Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers are a valuable resource for people looking to recover from their addiction. They can provide the extra support necessary for the patient to truly make strides in their recovery process and can make a world of a difference in people who are struggling with severe addiction. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in… Continue Reading
Nov 14 2017