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support groups for families of addicts near Orlando

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

If you have taken part in alcohol abuse in the past and you decide to stop drinking, you may suffer from alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal can be characterized by the symptoms that occur in the patient who suffers from it and it has very few real treatments other than support. During alcohol withdrawal, many individuals… Continue Reading
Dec 7 2017
addiction rehab in Mount Dora

How Being Active Can Help Your Recovery

Exercise and physical activity can be incredibly beneficial for those who are recovering from an addiction. An addiction rehab center that offers exercise can provide you with the support you need and give you the options for physical activity you want for you or your loved one. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a rehabilitation… Continue Reading
Dec 5 2017
should I go to therapy in Orlando

How Can a Therapist Help You?

As an addict, you may wonder “Should I go to therapy?” and it is a worthwhile question. Therapy is typically thought to treat mental illness, but it can have an array of benefits for those recovering from an addiction. As addiction affects your mental health just as much as it affects your physical health, therapy… Continue Reading
Dec 4 2017
support groups for families of addicts near Orlando

Join Our Monthly Healing Sessions Beginning Dec. 9th!

Talking to your loved one about their addiction when you are the one caring for them can be a challenging prospect. It can be easy to forget yourself when you devote yourself to caring for someone struggling with addiction or substance abuse, but you also need support. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida understands this. That… Continue Reading
Dec 3 2017
12 steps of AA

12 Recovery Steps After Long Term Alcoholism

One of the best programs for recovering alcoholics is Alcoholics Anonymous. Through the 12 steps of AA, recovering alcoholics can find help through others and a greater power to fully overcome alcoholism. If you are looking for an opportunity to participate in AA in a controlled environment or you have a loved one who would… Continue Reading
Dec 2 2017