Jul 12 2016

Over 30 million Americans are inflicted by the disease of addiction. Broken homes, child abuse, neglect, and abandonment have become an unfortunate norm. Mental illness and substance abuse affect our children pre-natally. An unborn child suffers in the presence of a chemical imbalance or negative emotional state.

Secrets, shame, guilt, fear, resentment, and despair are common in our young and innocent. Isolation, social withdrawal, and depression fill our homes and classrooms. Distrust mixed with loyalty to parents and caregivers spawn threat for all authority.

My personal experience with a drug infested upbringing embodies a laundry list of trauma, abuse, violence, and hopelessness. My mother’s suicide revealed a fatal, permanent departure with a lasting imprint on my own state of mental health. My drug/alcohol addiction combined with obsession for suicide and self-harm displaced my lust for life. I was unaware of a way out!

Good news! Treatment programs, such as Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, offer a way out; a SOLUTION. We do not have to give our children our experiences. We can heal our homes, our children and the child within. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a treatment program focused on families in RECOVERY, starting with YOU. Let’s turn surviving into thriving, despair into HOPE, addicts into heroes!

Trina K. W.

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