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Health Consequences of Alcohol Based Depression

Jan 22 2018

If you are experiencing depression symptoms as a result of an alcohol addiction, you may not be thinking of the many health consequences that you can experience as a result of your depression. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka knows that, with many patients that attend alcohol rehab centers, there is often depression entangled with their alcohol abuse. While many people who suffer from alcohol addiction know the negative effects of drinking excess amounts of alcohol, there is very little consideration for how your depression can impact your physical well-being. That is why Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is here to help you recover from your depression in a safe space where you can also address your alcohol addiction.


What Happens When Depression Goes Untreated?


Untreated depression causes serious repercussions. The longer that you leave your depression without treatment or getting any kind of help, whether it be through therapy or medication, the more you are putting yourself at risk for further alcohol addiction and possible drug abuse. There are other physical consequences. While many believe that depression simply affects one’s mental state, this is actually not the case. Depression can lead to significant physical deterioration. This type of deterioration can include insomnia and a serious weight gain or weight loss.

Additionally, it can hinder your ability to heal properly. There have been studies done on people who have suffered from a stroke or coronary artery disease and it was found that those that also had major depression had a more difficult time recovering than those without it. It was also found that those people that suffered from depression were at a higher risk of death after heart attack.


How Can You Stop Depression Symptoms from Deteriorating Your Health?


Depression as a result of alcoholism can deteriorate your overall health both mentally and physically. By using alcohol to cope with your depression, you encourage negative habits and develop further health complications. Also, because you are unable to give up using alcohol, this can lead to further depression symptoms. This vicious cycle can seem impossible to escape, but it is entirely possible with the help of a professional.

Seeking help from alcohol rehab centers can make a difference in the way that you live your life. At a rehab center, you can receive the environment you need to detoxify from the alcohol and begin your journey. They can also provide you with help for your depression in the form of therapy and medication. With your therapist you can develop a plan for positive coping strategies that keep you away from alcohol and break the cycle.

Recovery Solutions of Central Florida knows how difficult it can be to tackle this healing process alone which is why we offer residential treatments to allow patients to get the attention that they need to fully recover from their depression and alcohol abuse.


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