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What Happens in Drug Rehab?

Nov 6 2017

Getting help can be intimidating and you may wonder where to start in seeking the right counseling for your addiction. Thankfully, drug rehab centers are available to help you on your path to recovery. Recovery centers can be a comprehensive resource for dealing with your addiction and can provide you with all the treatment options you need to make a full recovery. The processes can be lengthy but effective because they give you the will and determination to continue recovery well beyond the end of the program. For more information, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora.


Detox from substance abuse


The first step that you will take once you enter a drug rehab facility is your detoxification from the substance. Typically, the process can last a significant period of time as your body adapts to existing without the substance. Withdrawal symptoms can range anywhere from unpleasant to potentially lethal, which is why the facility works so hard to be readily available to you with flexible hours and provide you with the intensive support necessary to handle withdrawal symptoms.


Substance abuse therapy in both solo and group settings


Therapy is a critical part of the recovery process. With therapy, you learn about yourself, the source of your addiction, and what triggers your dependence on the substance. It allows you to know yourself more; giving you an essential resource in bolstering solid recuperation. Meanwhile, group therapy can expose you to a variety of different types of addiction and can give you insider access to how other people cope. Groups foster potential companionship, which also give you additional aid in overcoming any addiction.


Each therapy will serve you in a different way and each is important in their own way to assist you with recovery. With certain group therapies, you can learn ways to deal with any triggers in your daily life while learning from others’ strategies. You can also build up relationships that can make a difference in giving you more motivation post-recovery.


Aftercare for long term recovery after drug rehab


The drug rehab center also prepares you to succeed after you have exited the program. They give you the resources you need not only to recover on your own, but additional therapy sessions if you still need consultation, and they may connect you with a support group so that you can maintain contact with other recovering addicts. This can give you valuable support when you have left the program to fully recover and also deal with triggers when you encounter them in your daily life.


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Seeking assistance with your recovery is a sign of strength and means that you are ready to begin the journey in kicking your addiction. With the help of a treatment center, you can get an array of resources you need to make a real recovery and continue living under your own terms. At Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora, they are committed to helping patients make the journey toward being addiction-free. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida to get started.

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