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Co-Occurring Disorders: What You Need To Know

Nov 20 2017

Co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis, can affect anyone at any time. It is because mental health disorders and substance abuse can often go hand in hand. Dual diagnosis is very common and it is important to understand why these things happen together and how to handle them when they do. If you are looking for help and you need someone to turn to, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is an addiction rehab center near Orlando that can provide you with information and a treatment guide for your dual diagnosis.

What is a dual diagnosis and how is it treated?

Dual diagnosis occurs when a patient suffers from both substance abuse and mental health disorders. The first step for anyone suffering from a dual diagnosis should always be to consult with a professional. This can be in the form of a medical doctor or a therapist. Help is necessary for improving one’s overall health.

The next step will be determined by your doctor, but there are things that a person with a dual diagnosis can do on their own to assist themselves in recovery. One of these things is to know what your triggers are as these can affect both your mental health and how well you handle dealing with your substance abuse. You can also attend a support group or stay in constant contact with family and friends. Another important step you can take is to make real changes in your lifestyle. These can include eating healthier, exercising more, getting more sleep, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Substance abuse and mental health issues


Just because these two conditions are co-occurring in a patient does not mean that one causes the other. One can proceed the other and they can worsen one another. That is, a patient that suffers from substance abuse may be self-medicating for an already occurring mental health problem such as depression or anxiety. On the other hand, they may be increasing the risk of underlying mental health disorders that they are not yet diagnosed with. Finally, a patient with substance abuse problems may worsen their mental health disorders by consistently exposing themselves to the substance.

Addiction is a common problem with people who suffer from mental health disorders and it is important for patients to be honest with their physician about the substances that they intake and the frequency with which they use them so that they are not subject to negative side effects. The interaction between the medication used to treat their mental health disorder and the substance they abuse must be thought about beforehand to reduce the chances of adverse effects. If necessary, you may be recommended to an addiction rehab center for your condition.

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Don’t handle your dual diagnosis alone. Mental health problems and substance abuse are heavy things to deal with and can often make an individual feel like they are drowning if they do not get help. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Orlando is an addiction rehab center devoted to helping those who are suffering dual diagnosis and others recover from their conditions. Contact them for more information on how you can get help.

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