Jun 30 2016


Independence is defined as FREEDOM from the influence, control, or guidance from someone or something.  Is it possible to achieve independence without first being imprisoned? Imprisonment doesn’t always mean jail or prison. Enslavement can exist in relationships, addiction, mental illness, isolation.

Addiction, trauma, loss, abuse, abandonment, and alienation can leave us scarred beyond all recognition. Broken without repair, our options are slim. The running exhausts us, the hiding isolates us, the crawling degrades us, and the denial defeats us. Only in complete surrender, we get our first glimpse of independence.

Independence is not something to be won or gifted. It comes with hard work and determination. Treatment programs, such as Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, hold the keys to releasing our minds from those prisons. Independence equals FREEDOM, freedom from active addiction, freedom from negative thinking, freedom from negative people, freedom from being enchained. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida will unlock the doors and help break the silence, the cycle, the shackles.

The old saying, “surrender to win” resonates loud and brilliant as fireworks on 4th of July.

Trina K. W.

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