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As an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora, FL understands that having all of the accommodations for patients that travel a long way is an important factor in being a successful rehabilitation center. If you would like to learn more about our services and see how we can help you recover from your addiction, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida and see how our programs could help you.


Do You Live Out of State?


Addiction can affect anyone at any time regardless of location and good care should never be sacrificed simply because you live far away from a facility that could truly make a difference in your life. The best way to tackle your addiction is by getting yourself to the place that is going to help you the most. That is why Recovery Solutions of Central Florida offers supportive housing with twenty-four hour supervision for those patients that need access to services and are not close enough to make the commute as well as community members whose substance abuse is significant enough and needs to be stabilized prior to being able to return to their home environment. We offer both private and shared rooms and provide transportation to the participant and the family of the participant from the airport or bus station. On the way to the facility, we provide a meal to the patient and a call to their identified contact person.


Once there, participants receive the opportunity to meet with their therapist at least once a week and speak with their family face to face or provide them with a weekly update. We also provide detox services, when needed, and keep the family informed throughout this difficult process. Patients are also granted safe transportation for their detoxification to the facility.


We Are an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility That Cares


Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a private rehabilitation center that cares about making our patients comfortable and secure during their recovery process. Our facilities are located in tranquil Mount Dora where participants can kayak and fish under the supervision of staff at the small, remote lake on property.


Family members of the participant can also join in on monthly family support and education workshops which are included in the cost of treatment and are at no extra charge to the family or patient. We also offer referrals for an interventionist if the family needs help in getting their loved one to agree to treatment.


Because we are self-funded facility, our funding comes from patients who pay for their services. Though we do accept some insurance for therapeutic services, housing and ancillary needs are not covered by insurance reimbursement. For those who pay privately, we offer a package that is all-inclusive except for the cost of medications, medical appointments, and personal funds. The package does, however, include all psychiatric evaluations, follow up exams, medication management appointments, all daily nursing assessments, all case management services, all individual, family and group therapy sessions, all supplies for therapeutic purposes, all housing costs, twenty-four hour supervision and supportive services, all program activities, and transportation for program purposes.


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Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora is an inpatient rehabilitation facility that allows those who are struggling with addiction to heal in a supervised location under the watch of professionals. If you would like to heal under the care of experienced therapists, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida and get the treatment that you have been looking for, regardless of your location. They can accommodate you and your family so that you can have the space and the amenities you need to recover properly.