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Keeping an Open Mind and Accepting Help in Recovery

Apr 8 2016

Admitting that you are struggling with addiction and seeking help is a big step. It can be scary facing the unknown and not knowing what to expect. You may try to maintain a sense of control as you start your journey. However, keeping an open mind and being open to change is important. Remember that what you were doing in the past will not work for the future.

When you let others in and accept help in recovery, you allow yourself to grow and heal. Try to keep a positive attitude and realize that change is necessary. Therapists, counselors, and other participants all understand what you are going through. They want to help you recover from addiction and become the best version of yourself.

Do not be afraid to try new things. You never know what will resonate with you and what you will find helpful. Meditation may not have ever been on your radar, but once you do it, you may find it very therapeutic. It can help you to clear your mind and ease stress. The same with yoga and other holistic activities. Just because you have not tried it before does not mean it will not work. Keep an open mind and trust in those who are guiding your way.

You are not alone in your recovery, so do not feel that you have to do everything on your own. Accept offers for help to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Maybe you can do everything yourself, but you do not have to. Others want to see you be successful and want to do what they can to be supportive, so let them. Speak up about your needs and how they can be most helpful to you.

When you are willing to let others into your life and to make positive changes, it can help you move forward in your recovery and reduce risk of relapse.

Recovery Solutions of Central Florida can help you find your way and develop the strategies and skills you need for long-term recovery and a healthier lifestyle. Call now to learn more.

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