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Join Us in Congratulating Pamela Hand on Acquiring Her Supervisor Status!

Jan 1 2018

For those who are seeking licensure in mental health or social work, Pamela Hand of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, who has seen many an Orlando rehab center, is now a qualified supervisor. This means that those who have acquired their Masters in Social Work or Masters in Mental Health Counseling can work under the tutelage of Pamela and gain the skills and experience they need to hold successful careers in their profession. If you would like to learn more and are interested in working under Pamela’s supervision, contact the rehabilitation center, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida.


An Orlando Rehab Center with Ample Learning Opportunity


Pamela Hand is the Chief Executive Officer Director of Program and Clinical Services at Recovery Solutions of Central Florida. She has been practicing in the field of substance abuse and mental health for over 26 years with licensure as a Trauma Specialist, Clinical Social Worker, Prevention Specialist, Psychiatric Case Manager and Outreach Provider, and Addiction Professional. She is committed to assisting her patients as well as build a future force of mental health professionals who will be able to make a real difference for their patients as she has for hers.

Because of this commitment, she has acquired her qualified supervisor status to assist those who have received their Masters of Social Work as well as those who have gotten their Masters in Mental Health Counseling and are seeking licensure in the state of state of Florida. These individuals can work under the supervision of Pamela and get their hours in order to receive licensure. With Pamela’s experience and her numerous degrees, you can be certain that you are working with someone who has the expertise to really teach you the skills you need to be not only theoretically trained but also have hands-on training in real rehabilitation center.


Learn More About Recovery Solutions of Central Florida


As the premier Orlando rehab center, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida prides itself in providing the best solutions for recovery possible. This includes a residential treatment that allows patients to be under the supervision of therapists at all hours of the day. They also have an active program which allows patients to participate in exercise and other activities.

Because of this, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a unique rehabilitation center and it affords those who are seeking licensure to experience working at a facility that approaches treatment in a very different way. This can expand their treatment strategies and give them new approaches with which to work when they go on to build their own careers.


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Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a rehabilitation center located near Orlando in Mount Dora. They have the resources for those suffering from addiction to recover. If you are interested in working under the supervision of their director, a now qualified supervisor, contact them to learn more and get in touch with Pamela. This opportunity can be incredibly beneficial to those who are seeking to get their licensure and can impact your practice for your future career.

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