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Join Us for Our 5 Day Trauma Intensive Workshop

Jan 23 2018

If you are suffering from some kind of trauma, it is important to seek PTSD treatment or another type of trauma treatment in order to heal properly. The drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora offers a workshop precisely for this purpose. This workshop, known as the 5 Day Trauma Intensive Workshop, allows participants to get started on the path toward healing their trauma. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our 5 Day Trauma Intensive Workshop and see how you or a loved one could benefit from participating.


What are We Going to Cover?


Trauma is a complicated issue to tackle. There are many ways that trauma can manifest itself and it is important to have someone who understands this and uses and individualized approach to your trauma. People living with trauma are under a great burden and it can cause them to isolate themselves from their families as well as turn to substance abuse to cope with the stress of the traumatic incident.

This workshop is meant to combat the many manifestations of trauma in someone’s life and teach positive coping skills for those who seek to overcome their trauma. In the workshop, we will be able to provide with participants with a number of different therapeutic activities to assist them in gaining a more comprehensive awareness of their trauma and all the symptoms that are associated with it. With the help of our trauma therapist, you or your loved one can gain an understanding of your symptoms and how to manage them, ridding yourself of the burden they place on your life.


PTSD Treatment and Other Forms of Treatment


The workshop will follow a detailed agenda wherein the participants will have the opportunity to uncover their trauma and explore it in a safe space. They will then participate in healing activities that promote self-care and encourage growth.

The workshop can serve as the start of a real PTSD treatment and other trauma treatment plan. By fostering the desire for getting better, this workshop can lead the participants towards a path of healing and help them overcome their trauma once and for all. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, the drug rehab center of Mount Dora, to learn more about the 5 Day Trauma Intensive Workshop and see how you or your loved one could benefit from speaking with one of our trauma therapists.

The workshop covers all lodging and food for the duration of the workshop as well as transportation to and from the airport. All supplies needed for the activities and therapeutic group sessions are included in the cost as well.


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As a drug rehab center, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida understands that trauma can play a huge part in someone’s addiction and it is important to heal this trauma in order to get to the point where you can heal your addiction. However, you do not have to have an addiction to participate in the 5 day Intensive Trauma Workshop. Contact us at Recovery Solutions of Central Florida to learn more about how our 5 Day Trauma Intensive Workshop could help you.

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