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7 Ways to Make Your Day More Positive

Nov 2 2017

It is easy for anyone to slip into a negative attitude. However, it can be a simple fix. There are simple things you can do to make your day more positive. If you require more assistance in improving your mental health, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, a rehabilitation center in Mount Dora that many Orlando residents go to for treatment and information.


1) Expect good things


If you expect amazing things to happen—even if they are seemingly impossible—you put out more positivity into the world, and you attract good things. It may seem ridiculously simple, but it goes a long way towards improving one’s mood.


2) Balance your body out


Sometimes something as simple as a lack of sleep can throw off your entire day. This can make you grumpy and give you low energy. To fix this, you can do something simple such as taking a walk or eating a healthy snack to boost your energy and improve your mood.


3) Focus on the positive


If you only allow yourself to focus on what’s going right for you rather than what’s going wrong, you suddenly have much more to be happy about. You’ll notice that many good things happen to you throughout your day and you’ll be more appreciative when they happen again.

4) Change your definitions of “good” and “bad”


Often, our definitions of what makes up a bad day or a good day can make a big difference in your general outlook. If you think that your bad day consists of one negative comment someone made, then that can ruin your entire day despite of how small it is. However, if you define a bad day in grander terms—such as if someone destroys the city and steals all of your things—then suddenly it becomes easier to have a good day. Similarly, if you define a good day by something small, such as when someone smiles at you, then it becomes easier to have a good day.

5) Think about the big picture


You may have something that is weighing on you and is causing negativity. However, unless if something truly traumatic happened, typically these feelings will fade. What seems dramatic and devastating today will seem much less horrible weeks from now and even less so months from now. If you think about how small these things can seem in the grander scheme, it may help you arrive to a healing point much faster.


6) Don’t set yourself up for failure


If you believe that you’re going to fail at everything you do and no one likes you, you will already have a negative attitude toward your day. This means that you may perform more poorly in your job or be cold to your friends and family. Then, later on, you’ll think that you were right to think those negative things about yourself earlier, but in reality, you were setting yourself up to fulfill your own prophecy. This “self-fulfilling prophecy” is easy to avoid if you shake off those negative thoughts that may come to you as you start your day.


7) Remember that things change


You may have had a negative past and that may weigh heavily on your mind, but remember that your past does not define your future. Though you may believe that you are running into a string of bad luck, the reality is that our brains just focus on patterns. When anything bad happens, we remember it, and if it falls outside of that pattern we don’t. This may mean that good things are happening to you all the time and you may not be noticing them.


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Sometimes just being positive is not enough to fix negativity. In these cases, you may require additional help. Contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, a rehabilitation center in Mount Dora that helps patients from Orlando and all across the United States.

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