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How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

Dec 11 2017

The holidays can be a triggering time for those who are recovering from an addiction. There are plenty of things that could cause a relapse and it is important to understand the different items that could lead to one in order keep yourself safe. Setting up a relapse prevention plan can help you stay on track. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is located near Apopka and is available as a resource for you this holiday season.

Triggers during the holiday season

While the holiday season is typically a joyous time, for those who are recovering from an addiction this can be a particularly difficult time. There is societal pressure to be around family but not every person suffering from addiction has that option. Additionally—and unfortunately—for some, being around family is actually the very trigger that they are hoping to avoid.

It is also a time of ample celebration which means that people who are typically able to avoid parties and gatherings with alcohol are now constantly being thrust into environments where alcohol is present. People who may be unaware of your recovery may insist upon you drinking more than usual.

It is a sensitive time where we must be mindful with ourselves about what we are comfortable with and where are boundaries are drawn. Knowing how to handle your triggers during this time can help you avoid having a relapse.

Relapse prevention plan

To keep yourself from relapsing during this delicate time, be certain you have your support system around you. Letting your family know ahead of time that you are having a difficult time will help them be better prepared to assist you. They may also be able to find alternate plans if going to a particular party or gathering will put you in contact with alcohol or drugs.

If you are uncertain if this would be enough and you do not want to put yourself at risk of relapsing, it may be in your best interest to visit a rehabilitation center. In a rehabilitation center you can be isolated from your triggers and the substance which you abuse. That way you can heal and be able to enjoy the holidays in the future.

At Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, they understand the holidays can be stressful and they have programs in place for those looking to heal and recover from their addiction in safe and guided place. They can also give you the tools to craft your own relapse prevention plan once you leave so you can avoid future relapse.

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Recovery Solutions of Central Florida in Mount Dora (near Apopka and Orlando) is a rehabilitation center that can help you during the holiday season. Don’t suffer through the holiday season and go through exposure to your triggers alone. With help, you can make sure that you do not fall into a relapse and that you can learn how to handle interacting with or avoiding your triggers. Contact them to learn more about their residential programs.

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