The Price of Pleasure

Jul 25 2016

Years ago, doctors and scholars suggested moral failure or lack of willpower to the sick and suffering addict. Today, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease that changes both the brain’s function and structure. The metamorphosis begins with the manipulation of our pleasure center. Scientifically speaking, the release of neurotransmitter dopamine lying under the cerebral cortex and…plain language, we feel amazing!

The brain cannot distinguish the different intensity of pleasure derived from a bonus at work or a delicious meal. However with drugs, a shortcut is created and our brains are flooded with that happy feeling that surges of dopamine provide. Fast forward, we damage our brains, our pleasure center, and nothing feels good anymore.

Brain damage due to chronic drug use include problems with memory, attention, and mood stability. Other common symptoms are impatience, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances, aggression, anxiety, depression, and hallucinations. Some damage can not be reversed. But studies show that after six to twelve months of abstinence; healing, repair, and restoration can occur. Sounds good! But how can we quit when our brain cannot function without our daily dose of pleasure.

Many of us were damaged beyond repair before we even put that first drug into our body. To think we damaged ourselves even more, is saddening and tragic. Let’s end the destruction. Let’s begin to repair, to heal. Treatment programs, such as Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, can lessen the damage and begin the recuperation. Our brain injuries do not demand a surgeon but seek the tender love and knowledge of therapists and counselors at Recovery Solutions of Central Florida. Healthy MIND, body, and spirit begin with RECOVERY!


Trina K. W.

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