Sep 1 2016

Question: If all you have is TODAY, what would you do? If today determined tomorrow, and then tomorrow…would you do what causes pain, sorrow, bondage?

It was a year ago when an acquaintance spoke out of anger towards me and said “it’s no wonder no one knows how much clean time you have.” In my defense, I blocked, deleted, and removed this person from my life. One year later, I can reflect on that negativity and extract the positive. Well, there is the obvious, words hurt. We all could learn something from the first agreement, be impeccable with your word. Then there is this…celebrating another year in my recovery, maybe I should be further along. Work with greater diligence on my steps, take on another service commitment, attend more meetings. But this I do know…I am very happy today. Happy for this new way of life. Happy to be clean, no longer chasing the next drug, or praying for death. I’m happy with who I am and who I have become. And I have a great sense of peace that maybe everyone doesn’t know my clean calendar calculations. I have always believed in “just for today.” I often remind the newcomer, that I too have today. After all, we are only promised today. So while another year passes, it’s TODAY that gives me the most hope, serenity, and gratitude. I still occasionally share on a burning desire. And I still chase my sponsor. I believe I am exactly where I need to be, FREE!


Addict in Recovery,

Trina K. W.


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