Trauma Triggers During the Holidays & Ways to Overcome Them

Dec 12 2017

Trauma triggers can hit at any time of year but for those who are dealing with substance abuse, the holidays can make one especially susceptible to triggers. There are a number of things that can help you cope, including trauma counseling, but it is important first to discuss what these trauma triggers can be and look like. Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is a drug rehab located near Orlando that can help you in this difficult time.

What can trigger you during the holidays?


The holidays can be a difficult time for some people who are dealing with trauma. Trauma can come in the form of the relatives who may have hurt us or events that may have affected us as we were growing up. When we encounter the source of our trauma, we may feel cornered and begin to start bearing the stress that may lead us to turn to substance abuse.

It is important to first acknowledge that this may be a problem during this time of year. If we can be honest with ourselves about what our triggers are and what causes us to turn to drugs, we can seek out help and make sure we have the tools in our grasp that will help us overcome them.

Can trauma counseling help?


There are several ways to prevent trauma triggers from inundating you this holiday season. One very important way of doing this is by contacting a therapist. Trauma counseling during this time of year is critical for getting help in overcoming your triggers. Only your therapist will have the understanding and expertise to guide you properly.

There are other exercises that you can do to make the holiday season easier. For instance, you can make a list of all the things that could be a potential trigger in one column and then make a column beside it where you list potential coping strategies for each trigger. This way you can be prepared for all of the potential triggers. While the exercise may not protect you from all your triggers this holiday season, it may you give you some peace to have these triggers listed out and organized with a possible solution.

Another thing you can do is notify a trusted source—whether that be a close friend or a sponsor—that you will be dealing with triggers so that they know to be ready for you to call them or text them. Letting them know that you need them in this difficult time may feel uncomfortable, but it’ll help you in the long run by giving you someone to turn to when you can no longer handle your triggers.

A drug rehab with a residential program, such as the one at Recovery Solutions of Central Florida, can be an option if you would like more comprehensive care.


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