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Benefits of Working With a Certified Trauma Therapist

Jan 2 2018

Searching for a “therapist near me” can sometimes yield unwieldy results, especially if you are searching for a certified trauma therapist to help you sort through complex trauma. At the drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka we have certified trauma therapists on staff to help our patients gain the tools needed for their recovery and overcome their trauma with help. If you are suffering from complex trauma and you have resorted to drug or alcohol abuse as a result, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida is available for you. Contact them for more information about their residential program.


How Do You Benefit?


Complex trauma is trauma caused by events that occur repeatedly, over long periods of time, or that build up. These can range from physical abuse to emotional abuse to other significant triggers and typically occur in the formative years of one’s life when someone is either a child or a teenager. They can also occur later in life if one has been subject to domestic abuse or military deployment.

This type of trauma is best addressed by a certified trauma therapist. This is because the nature of complex trauma makes it difficult to “fix” on your own. This is especially the case for those who self-medicate through alcohol abuse or other substance abuse. The best environment for people going through these particular problems would be an environment where they can have access to a therapist while still being rehabilitated for their drug problems.

By addressing your complex trauma head-on with the help of a professional you can prevent yourself from having the array of issues that plague people who suffer from complex trauma. These can range in scope but can be anywhere from self-destructiveness, dissociative episodes, and chronic feelings of hopelessness or despair.  


Have You Been Searching for a “Therapist Near Me”?


The stress and burden of complex trauma can be enough to make anyone feel isolated and overwhelmed. Seeking help from a certified therapist helps you to overcome that trauma and sort through its origins in a safe and controlled environment.

As one of the premier drug rehab centers near Apopka, Recovery Solutions of Central Florida values helping its patients not only leave behind their drug abuse but also address their trauma in order to give them a better chance at success.

We offer our patients the opportunity to participate in a residential treatment that allows them to sort through their issues in a controlled, supervised environment. That way they can make their recovery in a safe way and receive the tools they need to continue on their journey towards improvement.


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Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka knows how critical it is to get help as soon as possible when you are suffering from complex trauma and engaging in substance abuse. Don’t waste valuable time searching “therapist near me” and looking for less than great drug rehab centers and turn instead to the experienced and expert assistance of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida where they can provide you with both solutions in one location. Contact them or visit their website to learn more.

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