Five Day Intensive Trauma Therapy


Let Pamela Hand, LCSW, CAP, ICADC, CTT guide you through your most important healing.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Addictions Professional, International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium, Certified Trauma Therapist.Pamela has been a professional in the field of Mental Health for over 28 years. She is an experienced trauma therapist who has had decades working with individuals with traumatic experiences. Pamela specializes in childhood sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse, professional abuse, grief and loss, physical and emotional abuse, violence, bullying, childbirth trauma, medical trauma, psychosomatic experience, Veterans and Military personnel, Survivors of Assault, Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders, Emergency Room Nurses, Doctors and Medical personnel as well as natural disasters, sexual trafficking, domestic violence and Death of a loved one. Individuals who experience traumatic incidences often struggle with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, Post traumatic stress, flashbacks, feelings of hopelessness, restlessness, inadequacies, difficulty in decision making, being overwhelmed, carry guilt and shame, and feel trapped or helpless in resolving these symptoms or try to manage them only to have them resurface.I know, I know! You’ve tried therapy, you’ve tried medications, you’ve tried all different types of things but it still has a hold on you. Maybe you are in recovery and work the steps, maybe you practice a spiritual or religious path but you still hurt. Feeling stuck or Trapped does not have to be your life.

There is Help and It Works.

People who suffer from unresolved trauma may experience difficulty with managing their activities of daily living, may isolate, may withdraw from family or other social situations, may overwork to avoid their thoughts and feelings, may experience inability to work, and may act out sexually, or with drugs or alcohol. They may struggle with anger or stress.

If you or a loved one is dealing with any one or more of these signs and symptoms, please don’t try to manage these alone. This Workshop Will Help.

Life is meant to be lived Joyfully, Abundantly, with Hope and Dreams and Fulfilled Aspirations. Traumatic incidents can weigh us down, deplete our energy, enthusiasm and deprive us of the life we can be living. If you are ready to give something else a try,

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The 5 day Intensive Trauma Therapy Workshop will be packed with many therapeutic activities to assist the participants in gaining a greater awareness of their woundedness and the symptoms associated. Our trauma therapist will teach you how to understand your symptoms and manage them and rid yourself of the burden of them.

The Ripple Effect Program

Some of our agenda:

Introductions of Participants to gain awareness that you are not alone.

We will gain knowledge of our attachment styles and how they affect us and our relationships.

We will identify the symptoms associated with the traumatic incidents and the behaviors that are maladaptive and helpful in dealing with these symptoms.

We will process grief and losses and allow time for healing.

We will recognize our strengths and the benefits of who we are.

There will be some activities planned to further the healing experience.

There will be activities around learning healthy self-care.

We will utilize both Art and Music into our healing process.

As well as Breath work, Yoga, Meditation and other holistic approaches.

We will have some “fun” activities to get those good, positive chemicals flowing again.

Cost and Services:

This 5 Day Intensive Trauma Workshop

Is All Inclusive for the price of $3,500.00.

We do not accept insurance for this workshop.

Services include:

Daily Program: 9am to 5pm daily.

Free Time: After 5 pm you are encouraged to get to know the other group participants.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided.

Transportation: Orlando Airport is the closest to our location. We provide pick up from Orlando the day before the first session and a return trip the last day of the session. Transportation to local grocery stores, 12 step meetings, etc. can be arranged after program hours if desired.

Lodging Is provided with the cost of the workshop.

Therapeutic Groups are included.

Scheduled Participant Activities and supplies are included.

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Let your inner strength shine through!