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How Trauma Therapy Differs from Other Treatments

Feb 5 2018

The types of therapy offered to those who are suffering from trauma and struggling with addiction can be different than those offered for other types of issues. The drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka understand that trauma can be a complex thing to treat and it is important that patients learn more about their trauma in order to effectively battle their addiction and source the root of their substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about trauma therapy and how it could benefit you or other treatments that we offer, contact Recovery Solutions of Central Florida.


What Makes Trauma Unique?


Trauma is normally described as a distressing or disturbing experience. It can occur to anyone at any point in their lives, but usually occurs during childhood or in the event of war. These specific occurrences can leave lasting impressions on a person’s life and their interactions with others. It can lead to a number of psychological conditions.

Trauma is unique because it happens when the body is incapable of handling a particular stressor. That is, while most people experience stress, trauma is what occurs when they experience stress and it interrupts their ability to live their life. Most other disorders or conditions that require therapy typically deal with some kind of stress, but trauma deals with a particular event or a series of events that caused the lasting trauma.

Substance abuse is often a result of significant trauma because many people turn to it as a form of coping. However, when coping becomes dependence, then trauma must be readily addressed. With addiction, trauma can be a source of the stress that triggers your substance abuse. Because of this, it may be difficult to fully recover from your addiction without first addressing the cause of the trauma and discussing how to work past it.


The Difference Between the Types of Therapy


This means that the therapist may try to address that particular event directly and see how it has impacted your life since. Because it can be an underlying cause for a mental health issue or an addiction, your therapist will invest a great deal of time in making sure that they address your trauma properly.

At the drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka, we have certified trauma therapists to help those who struggle with trauma. By overcoming trauma, those patients who are dealing with addiction can work past their core issues and make positive progress in their recovery journey. Contact us to learn more about our therapy and other programs for trauma.


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Trauma does not have to deter your healing process. With the help of a trauma therapist, you can get the help you need to work past your trauma and conquer your addiction. If you would like to learn more about the types of therapy and how we can help you with your substance abuse and trauma, contact the drug rehab centers of Recovery Solutions of Central Florida near Apopka.

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